A tag team unlike any other, brother.

T-Mobile is the un-carrier, a brand that laughs in the face of traditional carriers while throwing down the gauntlet to the scheming schemes of the mobile industry. But true challengers never do things alone. T-Mobile knows this, so they’ve tagged us in to help bring their game-breaking offers to the masses.

Magenta & Mayhem

So, what do we actually do for T-Mobile? Great question. We primarily create and edit broadcast and digital spots. Yes, there’s a lot of magenta. But if you look a little closer, we do a lot of neat things that gets the very best out of the brand: dynamic animation, silky smooth liquid motion, captivatingly fun illustration. We’re constantly exploring new ways to deploy T-Mobile’s ever-expanding arsenal of creative assets.

Built For The Big Time

Our most exciting work has been translating our spots onto some of the biggest stages in New York: the NASDAQ/Reuters building in Times Square, the Fulton Center on Broadway, and Bryant Park in Manhattan.

Designing for these spaces is never easy, but we thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Maybe too much.