Who Are These People, Anyway


Alan was born at a very young age. He studied music, became a sought-after commercial editor, worked at some big shops, little shops, edit shops, design shops and then started World Famous on April Fools' Day, 2005. Since then he hopped from the creative chair to business-leader and transformed World Famous from production company to a new kind of creative agency. An advocate for the creative economy, Alan has served on the Mayor's Commission of Economic Development, advisory board of Reel Grrls, and is Executive Board Member/Treasurer of WA Filmworks. He's a great dad, a pretty-ok DJ, and most appreciates the things in life you can't put a price on.


Rachel is ECD and partner at World Famous. Rachel is writing this in 3rd person because that’s bio-law. Before World Famous, Rachel created creative advertising creations for agencies like CP+B, Mekanism, Deutsch LA, and dabbled in freelance. Her work has won awards like Cannes Lions, One Show pencils, Webbys, AICPs, and some others with cool, worldly names like London International. But honestly the real win was the friendships made along the way. When she’s not working, Rachel can be found momming Leif and Bodie and telling people how the weather in Seattle is “really not all that bad”.


Far from a traditional agency guy/person/fellow, Chris spent over a decade running production and creative studios prior to joining World Famous. He’s won plenty of the “big” awards but is most proud of a local Emmy for a friend’s short film. The fundamental belief that there’s a better way keeps him up at night. Probably knows the answer to who that one actor from that one movie where that one thing happened. When not working he can likely be found on a sports field rooting for his kids who are better at sports than he ever was.


Lindsay is a creative that went to the "dark side". Gravitating to the bright shiny light of building relationships and new business, she has 20 years of experience spinning plates for big agencies and time spent client-side. Lindsay is now happily a part of the World Famous crew, heading up our growth, pushing for greatness, and flexing her superpower as a connector. In other news, she cried out loud when Busch Gardens, a Seattle International District institution, closed--if you don't understand why she will happily tell you...but watch out as she might just break out in song. 

Imagine what we can make together