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Bring ’Em Back

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Sonics Fans Everywhere
Project Details
A laptop screen and mobile phone feature a website designed to showcase a video for the "Bring 'em Back" brand. A prominent headline reads "4046 days without basketball"
A long desktop screenshot shows the website designed to showcase content for the "Bring 'em Back" brand. A variety of fan images featuring Seattle Sonics fans are displayed.
A series of mobile phone screenshots featuring Instagram posts from the account "@_bringemback_". A variety of photos show celebratory fans wearing Sonics jerseys.
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Over a decade ago, Seattle was stripped of its beloved Supersonics, a crucial component of the city’s cultural landscape. The campaign launched with an anthem film that celebrated the team’s rich history and the unrelenting optimism of Seattle’s dedicated fan base. We also created a website and a grass-roots social media campaign that invited fans to tell their stories and announce to the world that while the team might be gone, the fans never left.

Years In Seattle
Victory Parade
Hall Of Famers
Bring ’Em Back sure packs a punch — and, all at once, breaks and fills the heart of anyone who still carries a torch for the Seattle SuperSonics.

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